Week 2 and some more Yasso 800’s

After enjoying a few days off with the long Independence Day weekend, I had to get back into it. The weather on Tuesday was cool and there was a constant drizzle. I decided to put my run off for another day. Wednesday dawned with clear skies and yet the temperature was still remaining cool at about 25° C., so I knew I would be running later in the afternoon. Even though it is summer and I could head out at just about any point in the day, I want to set up a routine that will work when school is back in session, so I took care of some home chores and decided to head out just after 5PM.

As I was getting ready to go, I decided that I would once again ride my bike to the track and tackle the Yasso 800’s. Using the YCGTD plan for week 2 I needed to run two 800’s. Once at the track, with such a short ride, I felt that I should try to run at least one mile as a warm up, so I changed into my running shoes and set off. I was running at a steady pace, but not pushing it, I just wanted to get warm, work up a little sweat and be loose for the 800’s. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished the fourth lap and the Accusplit 620 showed a time of just over 9 minutes.

I grabbed a drink of water and walked about 200 yards and prepared for the first of the 800’s. Since I am changing the target time for my goal of a 10 miler in November, I decided that I would not set a target pace for today. I still wanted to be at least close to the times I ran last time, but I wasn’t going to be deliberately slow or fast, I was just going to let my body dictate pace. So after positioning my water bottle about 15 yards past the start finish, I walked back to the line, counted down, and took off. The first 400 was completed in just over two minutes, and I was settling into a steady rhythm, consistent pace and good posture with regular breathing, and crossed the line in 4m03s. Not too bad, but could I recover in a few minutes and do the same? I picked up my water bottle, took a drink and walked a lap.

Passed the line and replaced the water bottle, prepared to go for Yasso 800 number two. No difference in pace, maintaining posture, head up, regular breathing,

Stopwatch with time for an 800m run


just watching my feet hit the track, running on the line, calling cadence in my head, I finished the first lap and it took all my will not to check the time. Coming around the final corner and I was holding back the urge to pick up the pace, to sprint, and go for a strong finish. I maintained my pace, crossed the line, hit the stop button and took a look, 3m58s!

I walked a lap and held an internal debate on whether or not to try to run another one or to pack it up and go home.

I packed it up and went home. I have a plan, a road map, and a goal. I am going to revise my target time and also work on modifying the actual YCGTD plan to work more with a 10 mile distance. A Super-Typhoon is causing chaos with the weather in the area, but the good news is that the current forecast is for hot days with no precipitation. I am looking forward to a long run on Friday and then finish the week with a tempo run on the weekend.

Until next time, Still Running!


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