The Plan

So last night I spent some more time reviewing the applicable chapters of Bruce Van Horn’s book You Can Go the Distance, specifically the chapters on setting a goal, choosing a plan and the dreaded Yasso 800’s.

This allowed me to add to and revise or solidify my goal. I added a time constraint to the goal of running in a 10 miler in early to mid-November 2016 with a time goal of 2 hours. The actual date of this event has not yet been determined, so I have a little wiggle room. The time constraint of 2 hours is very generous, but I need this goal to be attainable.

I made use of the resources that Bruce includes in the book and have printed out the training plan, and while it is formatted for a marathon, I am going to use it for a 10 mile event. I also used the calculator to identify some targets for various runs.Plan

As I posted yesterday, I am quite motivated to do this and I woke up with that feeling and a need to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors and I couldn’t resist attempting some of the dreaded Yasso 800’s, well, at least one set of two. Using the calculator my target time for the 800’s would be 4m27s.

We have a local track and I thought I would hop on my bicycle to ride over to it. AirTriDay Bike FridayThe direct ride is probably a little over a mile, so I was able to warm up a bit on my way there. Once at the track, I jogged an 800 and then set off on the first for time. I am not a fan of running of a track. They are hot, it’s a big oval, and to me it always seems to be harder running on a track. This experience was no different. The surface though is a nice thing, being softer than pavement. I felt confident that the pace would be right for meeting the target time, and I was correct. The first 800 was completed in 4m21s, and I started a recovery walk around the track to set up the second 800. TrackI stopped by my bicycle and drank some water and then walked up to the starting line and began. About ¾’s of the way around the track, I realized why this is such a powerful workout, I could tell right away that I was going to have to work to meet the target on this one, and I also could confirm that I don’t have the baseline that I really need in order to really get the most out of this plan. I finished the second 800 at 4m30s. Not too bad. Could I have done another one? I don’t know, probably. But I was not going to try, I was just happy to have completed the first set and pretty close to the target time.

On my way back home, I was feeling good about the track workout and I decided to put some more miles in on the bike, and I ended up probably riding close to 8 miles as I followed the bike path home the long way.

What’s next? I will spend the afternoon researching more about what goes into a tempo run, and the long run and confirm my courses for these.


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