The Goal

Well it happened. After not being active for most of the year, due to a variety of reasons excuses it is official; I have gained a few unwanted pounds and I am not nearly as fit or in shape and I need to be. This is a good time to make this discovery, since it is summer, and the weather is great, and I have some vacation time, and for some reason I am feeling quite motivated.

So I was re-reading one of my favorite running advice books by Bruce Van Horn (@BruceVH), You Can Go the Distance, and thought back on my recent start and stop attempts to stay active and the number one reason I could identify as a cause for the failure was not setting a goal. In my distant past I was involved in training for a variety of marathons, half-marathons and either a Triathlon series or a number of established summer Triathlon races. I was continually focused on preparation, race, recover. When I stopped doing those while I maintained my fitness and health through various activity, time catches up and as I recently discovered, I need to get back into a regular routine that can be maintained. This is where Bruce’s book comes in. While it is not the first chapter, it clearly is the first action step, set a goal. I have done this. There is an upcoming local event in November that is a 10 miler, and that seems like a great goal distance. The run is more of a fun run and that is about all I am looking for now.

The next step is to develop a plan and I am working on that. I am also happy to say that I have mapped out some courses for my regular runs. Today I mapped one that is 5K, 2.5K out and back, and I set a goal of 30 minutes and ran a good negative split and completed in 28:48.

I have been talking about running this event for about 8 months now, and to put it down in this blog, and taking the time to develop a plan and build my base will help me to meet my goal.

If you are looking for a good book to kick start or help motivate your running check out Bruce’s book, and check him out on Twitter @BruceVH.

Next time: The Plan


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