Two in a row

Another beautiful day and so once again, I planned my day so that I would have a chance to hit the road. I looked for a couple of excuses to not go running but in the end I was dressed and out the door. My goal was to run the same course but to try to have a longer sustained time running before any walking.

As soon as I was down the stairs and out the door I knew that it was going to be fun and tough. I felt good as a jogged away and then I turned north, the “out” direction and ran straight into a pretty serious headwind. There was absolutely no relief and nothing to do but just go. Running into a headwind is never fun and in the first few minutes I had to remember to keep breathing.  Also the temperature was probably 5 to 7 degrees cooler today. Coupled with the wind I was already counting my steps and chanting, and remembering my posture.

I arrived at the turnaround and kept running, and now with a good tailwind, I was able to focus on form and I just kept going. I put in a sustained run of nearly 35 minutes today, and then walked/jogged about 5 more and then finished up with about 7 more minutes of running straight back to the start. Goal met.

I am not a big fan of out and back courses, but without too many choices outside my door, I will have to learn to like this one. It won’t be too difficult since if the weather is right I have a view of Mt. Fuji for nearly the entire run. It was a bit hazy today, but I was able to see Fuji-san on my way back and that kept me motivated.

Next goal – run again tomorrow!


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