Spring 15

It looks like the seasons are changing, hello spring! And I am hoping to be outside more with longer days, but no matter what those stairs are there in their climate controlled location just outside my door. I have been hitting them more regularly and not just to run, but choosing to take them rather than the elevator. Every little bit helps. I still refuse to obsess over steps or to give into the technology to map my runs, or measure every workout to post. Old school blog and a spreadsheet that I occasionally update is all I have.

I have never really been into logging my workouts. I tried it when I was really active in triathlons but I never finished filling out the log books I bought. Now, I have dedicated myself to working out for at least 30 minutes a day, but my gauge is how I am feeling. If I am still “too” sore, or tired, I skip a day, or try something different. Age, wisdom, experience all combined. I would rather miss a day or two than to have an injury of any kind.

So, looking out my window and the weather is looking fine and I am thinking I need to hit the pavement for a good run. Open it up a bit. That is one thing I can’t always get on the stairs. There is not much room to really stride without skipping steps, and the worry is always there of a possible trip. I recently began to include a short jog outside at the end of my stairs routine. This has helped, but I am looking forward to a good long run.

And if the weather decides to change before I can get out the door…..well the stairs are still there.


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