This is a subject that is near, dear and real for runners of all shapes and sizes. What shoes are the best, the best for me, the best for training, racing, wearing to the mall…..

When I began thinking about this post, I was planning a full on journey of my shoes from my Montgomery Wards days, to my latest and greatest pair. I was going to try to find pictures to go with it, but I am not really that deeply involved with this blog to go to that trouble. And trouble it would be. I tried to remember a few of my favorites from high school and even finding a good picture takes some time. Time that I was not really interested in devoting.

I will say that I began to get serious about running in the early 1990’s. I purchased a couple pairs of totally different running shoes, from different companies, because they were cool, and new. I also read a few running magazines and tried to learn more about my style and if I was a pronator, under or over pronator, or neutral. In one of the articles the author said he ran mostly in cheap light weight runners from discount stores. He also said that racing flats were good for just about anyone and that all the motion control and cushioning were not really that necessary, or words to that effect. I remember that I took his words to heart and have followed that advice to a great extent. I ran two marathons (sub 4hr) and numerous 5, 10, and half-marathons in running flats, or at least neutral lightweight type shoes.

I remember I did purchase a pair of shoes that I found out had significant motion control devices built in, and after about 4 runs, my left knee hurt and I took them back. I only bought them because they looked cool!

I am not really a fan of the extreme minimalist, barefoot shoes, but like them more than the over cushioned counterparts.

I still try to have two pairs of shoes for running, but now I try to keep them the same brand and style. One I wear exclusively for running and working out, and one I wear casually or for working out as needed.

Next up – a workout update and my take on music and running.

Next up – a workout update and my take on music and running.


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