Seriously, its already September?

I cannot believe that it has been since July that I actually sat down and wrote a bit about my fitness and (lack of) running. I have continued with my regular routine of 100 push-ups, and 100 sit-ups daily, but I have not been able to sustain my biking or running. I have enjoyed a few runs and rides since July, but nothing much to speak of. I wish that I would have gotten one or more runs in with my daughter, and I am looking forward to a run or two with my son the next time I see him. He is currently running about 6.5 minute miles and that is a fun pace! 

I should probably create a routine and write a book or seriously publish some article about my 100 and 100 routine. It is simple and highly modifiable but the benefits are huge. Core and back workout and when done properly there is very little strain on your body. 

Well, it is September and I am walking regularly now. I am hoping to get a set time for runs and rides established for the weekends. Perhaps it will be that I have to wake up early on the weekend to make it happen. 

Until then……


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