Summer Running and fitness

Since mid-May I have been actively running and generally working to increase my level of fitness. I have begun to log my activity in a spreadsheet log and made strong efforts to engage in mild weight lifting, body-weight exercises (sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, squats, etc…) and regular running and bike riding.
I am not interested in getting the latest fitness gadgets, I use a 30 year old stopwatch and my wrist watch for times and measured my courses with my car. I am not monitoring my heart rate and I am not actively tweeting my distance and times. I guess if I was looking to run a race or if I was a little more zealous about it, I would get those things. I used to be a gadget person. I still am, but mainly I just enjoy looking and reading about them. They are not necessary in my life.
I know that someone, if anyone reads this, will let me know how much I need them, and how they will help me connect, but I am not really interested in connecting with others about my fitness. I just want to stay active. I do want to write about it. Through the writing, I am practicing my craft (writing) and keeping myself motivated by checking in on my blog to see when I wrote last!
My goal? To stay healthy, maintain my weight, and to stay in shape.


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