Getting back

I must admit that I have not been as consistent as I wish I could have or should have been with respect to my running efforts. I read a great book about marathons and training by Bruce Van Horn, “You Can Go The Distance”. I follow Bruce on twitter @BruceVH and @YouCanGoTheDist.
After finishing his book I was making plans to start some regular training using a plan that Bruce includes in his book, but of course life decided to intervene and has set me back a couple weeks. Nothing big, just age and wisdom. The plan includes runs on three days each week (Tues, Thurs, Sat) of various styles and distances. I was planning on starting last week, but this is where age steps in. I was doing some stretches and perhaps overdid it a bit and my right hamstring was a little tender. Enter wisdom….and I decided that it would be best to compress (wrap and/or recovery shorts) and delay running until I was physically ready. A few years ago, I might have just pushed through it and run. While I know that I am not seriously injured, I also know that the best course of action is to take it easy and let everything return to a state of normal.
What does this mean? It means that I continue to plan for how I will get in three runs each week with two on week days and I will be relaxing this week as I recover.


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