Hot/Humid or 90/90

Recently took a few days off at what was essentially the end of the summer for me. The weather had been hot and humid probably in the 90/90 range (degrees/humidity), which means it is just too hot to be out for too long, but I did find some time to mix in some runs and a few short bike rides.

I have a fantastic custom Bike Friday Air Triday that I purchased a few years back. I wanted a bike that I could use in triathlons and one that was portable on the ship, since I was still on active duty. Bike Friday by Green Gear out of Oregon was the only real option, and they still are. I measured and ordered and it was sent to me in Japan. I took this bike with me on my last few ship deployments and rode it in at least six different countries (Australia, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan/Okinawa). Some of my most memorable rides include a couple in Australia on the Northeast coast in Cairns and Gladstone, an afternoon ride down to Uluwatu in Bali, and a two-day circumnavigation of Okinawa, followed by an age-group win in a triathlon on Kadena. There was also a cross-Kyushu (Beppu-Sasebo) ride that was a long, long day. When I retired I took it to the states with me for school and I was able
to ride it in three triathlons in Colorado, where I also did well individually and overall. Being a folding/portable bicycle it always turned heads, not to mention the fact that it has 20 inch wheels. Once I get into a routine of running, it is inevitable that I start thinking about the bike and I will break it out for a few rides. I don’t ride regularly, and I am not even sure if the frame style would be legal in the current state of competitive triathlon, but I do enjoy getting on and riding. Perhaps there will be another longdistance ride in my future. I do like to mix in the ride when I start running regularly and it is also an activity that I like to do when the weather is like it was recently (90/90).
I also was on a roll with my runs, turning in three consecutive days where I put in a distance of at least 5KM. Two of these efforts were during some really hot/humid times, and a third was during the early evening hours, where the temperatures had probably dipped into the upper 80’s.

So, after a streak, there is also the associated lay-off and I took some days off. It feels good to take some days off but I am also excited to get back into a routine of running. I hope that I can weave in a regular run and perhaps dedicate enough time to have some regular bicycling in there too.


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