Back to the Humid

After a week or so of being able to rise with the sun and enjoy the heat in the altitude, it was time to return to the “land of the rising sun” and the humid. Did I say it was humid? Well if I have not, it is. While I was able to enjoy a run at altitude and about 40 degrees C, back here in Japan it is currently about 32 degrees with about 85~90% humidity, and the rainy season is over! I do admit that I do enjoy running in this though. The problem is that to run at noon you must have lots of fluids with you, so the choice is to run in the early, early mornings or in the middle of the night! I have run many times during this season in the afternoon and returned home dripping and just fallen into the shower fully clothed and still it takes two or three days to recover. Best is to wake up early.

So, since my return, I have yet to do so. Why? Because I am enjoying a few days off and just hanging out, reading and writing and doing some core work. I will soon get on a schedule and hopefully log some miles on the bike too.

Well it is time to get back to the humid!


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