Another Run

Another day, another run. Put it on my “to do” list for the day and when the time came I was out the door. My goal for today was to run continuously for a period of time, with a personal goal of a destination in the back of my mind. Needless to say, it was hot, but I carried a bottle of water and knew that there were opportunities to get more, along with a chance of getting in some shade along the way.

Started out fine and set a pace that I thought I could maintain and that I thought would allow me to meet my personal goal for the day. As the run progressed I ran to the side of the path where there was some more shade, and at a light, stopped and took a long drink. Started up when the light turned green I was off again and I was still on track to meet my goal.

Since my overall goal was for time, I stuck to that and did not make my personal destination goal. I came close, and am happy that I was that close, but I still needed to turn around and make it to the start. So, off I went. Trying to maintain the same pace on the return leg, was a little difficult, with the time, distance and heat all adding up. A light changed and gave me a chance to stretch and drink some water and that was a big help. Took off and pushed the pace to get back as close to the time mark as I could.

Finished the run, and met my goal of running for a set time period. I need to continue with this regular running if I am going to make a difference and enjoy the benefits of the run. We will have to see what tomorrow holds.


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