Really running this time….

Alright, the school year is over, it is the weekend and I am going running. I dressed for success and headed out. I have an hour and half and I have a number in my head…….that first 200 yards felt like I was wearing cement shoes not my high tech runners. After that I started feeling better, steady pace, good breathing rhythm, good posture. I am enjoying this. First lap done, on to number two. It is hot, no real breeze and I am starting to sweat, and I am loving it. Nothing quite like a good run and a good sweat. I am up to lap four when I start feeling it. The long layoff, the heat, the heat, the heat and I am breathing a little harder than I want to. I decide that it is better to finish good and come back another day. 5 laps about 5km. Not too bad. Walked a cool down lap and then snuck in a little sprint at to finish it off. Feeling good. I am a runner. I just have to carve out the time to run.


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