I guess that I have been a runner for most of my adult life. At one point I was fairly obsessive with running. I had the good luck to work at a command with the Navy that allowed us to pursue running and other forms of fitness. This meant that there were some afternoons that included two or three hour lunch time runs. This time was probably the peak of my running obsession. Regular 5K races with times in the mid 19’s and regularly in the low 20’s, up to multiple half and full marathons. All of my full marathon times were less than 4 hours but I probably never lived up to my full potential as a marathoner. I never wanted to push myself to the point where I would run to exhaustion.

I still enjoy a good run and have recently decided to become more of a regular runner, vice one that runs occasionally. Running is good for you, and I love that feeling you get after a long run. I am not a speedster, nor do I plod along, I am a good middle of the road runner. So what is my goal and my reason for getting back into running? In an already full schedule, carving out a couple hours a day will be difficult, but I feel that I must get back into good cardio-shape and continue to fight the fight against gravity and weight gain.

I don’t know if there are any races in my future, but after my run today, a little over 8K with 10 X 50 incline hill repeats is any indication, I am going to have some fun with my return to running.


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